Mineral water plant process the normal water from natural source or from the municipality etc. and convert it to Pure Mineral water which is now a days very much popular among the health conscious people all around the world.

We offer Mineral water plant on Turn-key basis. Our plant includes machines for full treatment of water to pack it in bottles, pouches, jars, cups of your choice. We also provide Bottle Blow Molding Machine for making bottles as per your specifications for shape and size.

First Plant Involve in Mineral Water Plant is Reverse Osmosis System or Say Water Treatment System which consist of below process.

  • Sand Filtration System

To remove suspended particles and Turbidity from the raw water by using Silica Quartz Sand

  • Active Carbon filter

To remove Chlorine, Odor, Color, Pesticides, Organics and In-organics Impurities and Metal Impurities from the water by using Carbon Bed. Removal of Chlorine is required for effective RO to be done to the water

  • Anti-Scalent Dosing System

To remove Calcium and Magnesium salts from the water

  • Micron Cartridge Filter

To remove micro impurities from water

  • Reverse Osmosis System

RO system to remove dissolvable impurities and bring down the TDS ( Total dissolvable solids )from water by the process of OSMOSIS

  • Ultra Violet System

To kill the microbiological growth from the RO water with the help of UV light

  • Ozonization System

To add ozone to the RO water and improve its taste

  • Capacity Or R.O.Plant Available

500LTR/Hour to 50000LTR/Hour

Warranty 1 year
Driven Type Electric
Installation/Civil Work Installation Available
Water Purification Process RO
Container Type Bottle
Capacity(Litres per hour) 1000-5000
Brand Maruti Machine
Control Panel With Control Panel
Automation Grade Automatic



Plot No: 95, Road No: 8, Opp Water Tank, G.I.D.C Kathwada – 382430 Ahmedabad – Gujarat, India



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