Brief Introduction:

  • MMB-R6 (6 stations, one mould in each station), 9000 Bottles/Hour, 1500 bottles/station/hour. MMB-R8 (8 stations, one mould in each station), 12000 Bottles/Hour, 1500 bottles/station/hour. MMB-R4-R6-R8 and R10 is the most stable two-step fully automatic high-speed rotary stretch-blow molding machines(reheat). The capacity of the products is from 0.25L to 2.0L. It can blow pet bottles for different use: carbonated, mineral water, milk, oil, hot filling tea, and other drink packing containers, which is made of plastic of crystalline type, such as PET, PP etc.MMB-R series has adopted original heating and blowing technics, by which the automatic blowing machine series have achieved in powerful productivity but very reasonable price.

Machine Construction:

  • Preform feeding and loading unit: The design of the recycling unit prevents the preforms from getting bound up in the unscrambler. The star wheel design of the feeding unit provides the lowest possible changeover times for switching to different perform sizes.
  • Linear Oven: A mandrel capable of turning 180 degrees guarantees uniform neck section during the heating. A unique oven ventilation system enables the MMB-R series blower to handle various difficult applications easily. Power saving: heater is fixed with link of short section, which assures to heat more performs with the same heating length. In this way, it saves electricity of 25%
  • Preform and bottle transfer wheel: The new MMB-R series utilizes a classic double cam telescopic gripper system, this guarantees reliable movement, and easy maintenance.
  • Molds and Mold Carriers: The mold carrier utilizes a shell blow mold design; this reduces the changeover time for different blow molds. The Mold carriers accommodate all shell type molds from conventional blow molding machines, this saves time and expense for bottle producer. Moreover, the reliable quick locking system maximizes the performance of the mold carriers.
  • Blowing Station: A changeable cam for the stretching curve guider guarantees the form quality for different size bottles. Monobloc blowing valves achieve the fastest and most consistent blowing process possible. Bottle necks are protected during the blowing stage by a specially designed sealing unit.


  • PID heating zone system (Option): Within this system, an infrared thermometer automatically detects the temperature of the performs and adjusts the temperature of the oven as needed. This automatic adjustment avoids the influence of a temperature difference between day time and night; also the system can use an additional lamp alarm, this alarm will sound when it detects any broken or aging lamps.
  • Air Recovery system (Option): We know that most of the production costs for blowing bottles are attributed to generating the high pressure compressed air and applying heat to the preforms. In order to lower these production costs for the bottler producer, Demark Machinery has introduced its patented Air recovery system. This system recovers up to 30% of the final high pressure blowing air and ultimately lowers the cost to produce bottles.
  • Air cooling system (Option): Thanks to the design contributions of our engineer, Maruti Machines Pvt.Ltd. has developed a revolutionary air cooling system for hot fill PET bottles. After high pressure blowing, an air cooling stage is introduced to reduce the level of PET residual stress and increase the rate of PET crystallization. After this air cooling process, now PET bottles can stand hot filling without deformation.
Blowing Air Pressure 3.0-4.0 Mpa
Bottle Volume Greater Than or Equal 2.0L
Elevator Power 2 kW
Max Bottle Neck Diameter 48 mm
Max Diameter of Product 120 mm
Max Product Height 350 mm
Power Supply 380 V,50 Hz
Product Material PET
Working Air Pressure 1 Mpa
Size 4.0 *1.8*2.0(Mt)
Brand Maruti
Neck Diameter 28mm
Voltage 440 (3 PHASE)
Capacity 4000 bottle per day
Type Stretch Blow Molding
Raw Material PET
Mould Cavity 4 cavity
Automation Grade Automatic



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