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Semi Automatic Triad Aersol Filling Machine

Hot Glue Roll Fed Labeling Machine
  • The machine is consist of double-heads liquid filling machine, sealing machine and Propellant filling machine including booster pump, operator can complete liquid Filling, sealing and propellant filling on one worktable, single operation, save two labor Cost, and the filling speed and the labor intensity are same and other similar machines.
  • The machine is applied to fill various aerosol products; it is applied to batch produce in small scale in aerosol filling factory.
  • The machine is widely used in cosmetic, fire protection, auto, chemical, foodstuff, Pharmacy etc industries, such as fixture, mousse, pesticide, freshener, detergent, Extinguishing agent, petroleum gas, DME and spray paint etc.
  • As a professional India hot glue roll fed labeling machine manufacturer and supplier, we can also offer you shrink labeling machine, cold glue labeling machine, hot glue pre- cut labeling machine and more labeling machines. These machines could be used as beverage labeling machines or bottle labeling machines.
  • The cost performance is the highest in the middle of all similar products.
  • The price is only 15% of full automated products.
  • The liquid filling machine adopts pumping type filling, the barrel of raw material doesn’t Need a high plane, filling and cleaning are all very easy, the feed-in mouth of Measurement cylinder adopts mandatory seal by check valve; ensure the sealing is safe and reliable. There is a liquid filter at the end of feed-in tube, prevent impurity into the cans.
  • The sealing machine adopts mechanical motion control, simple air channel, rational Structure, quality stainless Steel, anti-fatigue, resistant to shock, sealing quality is reliable. adjustment is convenient, the sealing head is made of high
  • The propellants filling machine adopt the structure of measure cylinder, the working Principle and liquid filling machine are same, the filling speed is quick. If change special seal, the machine is applied to fill DME.
  • All pneumatic valve adopt national standards, purchase is easy.
  • All parts of airproof are made of the material of F4, they is all standard parts, and its Quantity is very small; their surface roughness is Ra0.2 um to Ra0.4 um, the plating Is chrome, its thickness is above 0.02 mm.
Max. filling volume 900 ml
Filling accuracy < 1%
Applied can Height : 350 mm, Diameter: 35-65 mm
Working pressure 0.5-1.0 MPa
Max. air consumption quantity 1 m3/min
Output 800-1200 bottle/hour
Net weight 140 kg
Gross Weight 175 kg
Packing size 1000×660×1600 mm
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