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Pepcee Cola Pouch Packing Machine

  • The machine can pack Pepcee Cola/ Liquid Lime / Emlee & Jelly.
  • Fully Mechanical Model “no air compressor ’’required, so low power consumption. Power saver model
  • Latest Technology ‘Micro Controller.’ used in this machine, for sharp accuracy for filling & sealing.
  • Presentable six digit digital counter used.
  • “Selectable Buzzer” on adjustable mode.
  • S.S.R. based latest technology for faster & non-arching switching.
  • Only 0.5HP Single Phase Main Drive
  • Total power consumption 1.0 kW/ Hr
Technical Specifications: -
Model MAE-SH-001 For Pepcee Cola Pouch MAE-DH-021 For Pepcee Cola Pouch MAE-SH-002 For Liquid Lime/ Emlee &jelly Pouch MAE-DH-022 For Liquid Lime/ Emlee &jelly Pouch
Capacity 30ml to 100ml. 30ml to 100ml. 2ml to 5ml. 2ml to 5ml.
Output 1800 - 2200 Pouch/Hr. 4000 - 4400 Pouch/Hr. 2000 - 2400 Pouch/Hr. 4000 - 4800 Pouch/Hr.
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