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Rotary Bottle Rinsing Filling Capping Machine For Pet Bottle (PET Bottling Machine)

MDSE 01 series drinking straw extrusion line is a set of drinking straw production line, Using polypropylene (PP) as raw materials, with the use of master batch, after melting, extrusion, shaping, cooling, pulling, cutting, then produce colorless, color, two-color and three-color drinking straw. With the Mold or other auxiliary equipments, MDSE 01 series is also suitable for extruding a variety of tube similar to the drinking straw, and such of sheet in small size can be used with wide range of applications. For Example :- Lollipop sticks, coffee stirring stick, ball- pen refill, cotton swab stick, brake pipe and some pipe use for the industry.

This production line is composed of extruder, mould, cooling device, traction and cutting device, electric control part and so on.
  1. Simple structure, high automation, easy and stable operation and high efficiency
  2. The screw and barrel of extruder are made of 38CR Mold high-quality alloy and have had a nitrogen treatment for a long service life
  3. For the reason of drinking straws safety and having a nice appearance, water tank, hopper, etc are made of 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel
  4. Using Inverter from Delta products a well-known brand, contractor from know brand and having smart temperature control units.
  5. With output counting function that can catch batch products alarm.
Accessories for Drinking Straw Extrusion Line (Optional)
  1. Vacuum forming device
  2. Manual Filter
  3. Automatic Drinking Straw Gathering Machine
  4. Drinking Straw Bending Machine
Technical Specifications: -
Model MDSE-350 MDSE-355
Material PP/PE PP/PE
Color 1 Color Straw & 2 Color Line 1 Color Straw & 2 Color Line
Production Diameter 1 mm – 14 mm 1 mm – 14 mm
Production Length 3mm - 1000mm 3mm - 1000mm
Production Capacity Max>35Kg/Hour Max.>45Kg/Hour
Line Speed Max>250Meter/Min Max>250Meter/Min
Main Motor VS7.5Kw By inverter Control VS11Kw By inverter Control
Assistant Motor 2 X VS0.75Kw By inverter Control 2 X VS0.75Kw By inverter Control
Heater Capacity 12 Kw 14 Kw
Temperature Control 11 Set 11 Set
Forming & Water Cooling Unit 3.5Meter (Can Choose 5 Meter) 3.5Meter (Can Choose 5 Meter)
Traction & Cutting Unit 2 X VS0.75Kw By inverter Control 2 X VS0.75Kw By inverter Control
Total Power 24KW 30Kw
Total Power Used 15KMH/H 15KMH/H
Weight 1200KG 1400Kg
Dimension 10 Meter X 2 Meter 10 Meter X 2 Meter
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